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We bring you a wonderful property Camp Kasbah at the heart of Bir, near Bir Landing site. Camp Kasbah is located on the banks of a gushing stream with wonderful facilities like Luxury Swiss Camping, fine dining, adventure activities like trekking, paragliding, rock climbing, river crossing, zipline, Mountain Biking, and much more. Camp Kasbah is the perfect holiday retreat for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature. Camp Kasbah is the ideal destination for families, couples and singles looking for complete rejuvenation.

Camp Kasbah Bir offers 10 Luxury Swiss Tents with attached washrooms and separate lawn on the bank of a stream. Camp Kasbah tents are equipped with quilts, blankets, proper mattress, electricity, charging point, and hot water bags if required in winters. Your experience is more important to us. We believe in hospitality. Visitors can enjoy camping, bonfire, mouth-watering food and fresh atmosphere.

We offer various activity options, Camping at Camp Kasbah, Camping at Billing in dome tents, trekking options to tribal villages, trekking to Viewpoints and forest camping, mountain Biking, visit to monasteries here at Bir and Bhattu. Paraglide with the best team of Mr Arvind Paul. It's not random with any team. Visit our trip advisor review and experience best with us.

We made a promise to bring you real travel experiences. To offer something genuine, a real taste of life around the world. Something extraordinary and unforgettable that takes you to the heart of the culture and community you’re visiting, that shows you what it’s really like to live in that place, what it looks like from the warmth of a real family rather than the isolation of yet another hotel room or empty apartment.

Savour delicious meals, extensive menu and Kingsly hospitality at your favourite holiday destination, the world-renowned and coveted paragliding site of Bir-Billing. We also undertake wonderful treks to Rajgundha, Barot, Thamsar Pass, Dehnasar Lake, Hanuman Garh Fort and many wonderful places in the vicinity.


Exceeding Expectations

Relax. Unplug. Savour a unique holiday experience. A secret weekend escape. A family holiday. Whatever the reason, let nature back in – go camping! With our safe, stunning countryside and love of the outdoors, there’s no better place than our camps.

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